About us


It all started when...

Fruit Bowl Books is home to many different fruits. We are all passionate about books and recommend them to each other all the time. Now we will be using our experience and our passion to choose and send books to you every month.


Meet the team...

Ben Melon - Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction

Bob Orange - Crime Fiction

Matilda Mango - Contemporary Fiction

Sally Apple - Historical Fiction

Tori Strawberry - Young Adult Fiction

Veronica Plum - Classic Fiction


Perry Pineapple, who deals with everything in the Fruit Bowl.


What we do...

If you sign up for our service, for yourself or for someone else, we will send beautifully wrapped packages every month. We will take what you've told us about likes and dislikes and select a great book every month. Throwing in some other goodies, we will wrap everything, and have them delivered to your door.

If the subscription is a gift, tell us the occasion and date and a greetings card will be included in the first box. We will also put a 'Do not open until ...' message on the outside.

We dispatch packages every single Wednesday, so there is never long to wait for your first book. Sign up by 5pm on a Monday and your first gifts will be sent out by First Class post on Wednesday. Sign up by 5pm on any weekday with Next Day dispatch, and your gifts will be sent out the next weekday!