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Perry Pineapple is our multi-talented Office Manager. He handles everything in the Fruit Bowl, making sure that all your packages are dispatched correctly and on time. If you have any questions, then just drop him an e-mail at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com and he will help in any way he can.


Q & A with Perry...

- What is Fruit Bowl Books?

We are a UK based book subscription service, run for book lovers by book lovers.


- How does it work?

Sign up for one of our subscriptions, and you (or a recipient of your choice) will receive an exciting parcel delivered directly to your door.


- How do I sign up?

Go to our store, select your genre, tell us how many books you want and fill in the form. It's that easy!


- When will the books be sent?

We send our parcels out every Wednesday. If you sign up before 5pm on a Monday, then we will send your first book just two days later on Wednesday.


- How often can I receive my books?

By default we send 1 package each month. If you want to receive your books more quickly, or more slowly, just select that option when you sign up for your subscription (from every week to every three months). However many books your subscription is for, this is how many packages you will receive. Eg if you have a 12 book subscription and ask to receive a book every 2 weeks, then your subscription will finish after 24 weeks.


- What is delivered?

Each package contains a brand new and specially selected book, a letter from your fruit, and some other goodies, all beautifully gift-wrapped.

- Are the wrapping materials used recyclable?

Unfortunately, the glossiest wrapping papers and stickiest tape are not recyclable. However, if you ask us on your order to make the parcel as recyclable as possible, we will choose wrapping and packaging materials that comply wherever possible. The finished parcel will be made up of at least 90% natural products, and therefore widely recyclable. Also, we will include a small note inside saying which parts cannot be recycled.


- Can I choose when the subscription starts?

Yes you can, and we can also place a 'Do not open until...' message on the back of the package. Just give us these details when you purchase your subscription.


- What do I do if I want to buy a gift for a book lover, but I don't know what they like to read?

Sign up for a gift subscription for them, and we will send them a greetings card or e-mail with full details of how they can sign up for their subscription. 


- Can I select the books myself?

No, we hand-pick the books based on the information you give us.


- Will you tell me what book I will receive in advance?

By default, no. But if you ask us when you purchase, we will e-mail a choice of 2 books beforehand, and you can tell us which you would prefer.


- If I already own the book, can I change it?

In the unlikely event that this happens, please send us an e-mail at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com and we will arrange a replacement for you.


- Can I give feedback on how good your selections are?

Yes, we would love to hear from you about the books we send, and whatever you tell us will help us in tailoring your future selections.


- Is there a charge for postage?

All our prices include 1st class postage for the first parcel, and 2nd class postage for the rest of the subscription, in the UK. If you wish us to send all the parcels 1st class, then there is an option to do this when you purchase your subscription, at a small extra charge.


- Do you deliver outside of the UK?

We can send our packages outside of the UK, with a small surcharge to reflect the increase in postage. If your country is not listed at checkout, then please e-mail us at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com and we will give you a quote and make the option available in our on-line store.


- How do I change my subscription?

If you want to change your subscription in any way, just e-mail us at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com with details of how you'd like to change it. This must be done by 5pm on a Monday if you're expecting a package that week.


- How do I update my delivery address?

If your address has changed, please e-mail us at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com with your name and new address, and we will update your details. This must be done by 5pm on a Monday if you're expecting a package that week.


- I have a question, how do I contact Fruit Bowl Books?

If you have a question that is not answered here, you can e-mail us at TheBowl@FruitBowlBooks.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.